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Skunk Odor Removal • Skunk Proofing & Exclusion • Dead Skunk Removal • Baby Removal • Deck & Stoop Reinforcement

Here we remove a skunk and place him into a trap, walk him to our truck and place the entire trap with skunk into a garbage bag with out any spray. This is professional skunk removal at its finest.

Striped skunks & Pest Skunk Removal

skunk proofingThe striped skunk is the most dreaded nuisance animal and also the most misunderstood. Most people usually want to be assured the skunk will be killed. By state law in Illinois this is mandatory that problem skunks be euthanized but hardly something to be celebrated. Nuisance skunks are usually just looking for what we as human beings all want, a safe secure home. They can’t help that they were born and more so can’t help that we as humans have intruded upon them and build homes over their natural habitat. Skunk removal usually is needed when a skunk has made a den out of a concrete stoop or deck. The first hint of skunk odor usually leads most online looking up “how to get rid of skunks” and “how can I get rid of skunk odor”. Skunk trapping is quite advanced in the wildlife removal industry. Skunks are shy animals which means coaxing into a trap is difficult and skunks are also obviously very smelly so what to do once a skunk its caught in a cage trap is usually a big problem with inexperienced skunk removal. Skunks are actually very intelligent creatures, even making better pets then cats in states where allowed by law. Expert skunk trappers can usually approach an uncovered trapped skunk and take it away with out being sprayed. Older large skunks can even be rubbed and scratched through the cage much to their enjoyment however we don’t recommend this be done with out professional wildlife removal experience. Usually baby skunk removal is where the real skunk odor problems come into play. Baby skunks spray at anything and everything. Baby skunks can not control their spray either and can come by the dozen, all 3 of these combined make for one bad situation. From January to July your skunk problems will usually consist of adults and breeding pairs, beyond July to December baby skunks are added to the mix.

skunk odor removalA good skunk trapper will know which baits work best depending on the time of the year. Some baits work amazing then hit a period where they do nothing for getting rid of skunks.  Skunks have favorites at specific times of the year. If you’ve had a company out for skunk control and no skunks were trapped its likely the skunk trapper was inexperienced and didn’t use the correct bait. Cat food doesn’t always cut it! The best traps for skunk control is the largest skunk trap you can get, it makes their nerves more at ease to enter. The smallest cage trap for skunks would be a 7 x 7 inch entrance. There are also other traps which can be used however because of their inhumane painful nature also cause skunks trapped to spray. Skunk trapping is a fine art only mastered by few and a very needed service.

Whether you need a skunk removed from a window well or from under a deck or stoop we have skunk solutions for any skunk control issue. With various methods and designs of traps there is no situation we can not get rid of skunks in. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating for skunk removal services. Call us today for your skunk removal needs and skunk odor removal services. Will have you skunk and stink free in no time.

Service Area

We service the entire area of DuPage county as well as select areas of suburban Cook, Will and Kane. Our main service areas are:

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